Amnesty International

“In actively promoting intensive development in the northeast, federal and provincial officials have emphasized these benefits, while largely ignoring serious—and sometimes deadly—unintended consequences for wellness and safety that disproportionately impact the lives of the Indigenous peoples who live there, particularly Indigenous women and girls.”


United Nations

“Indigenous women have reported that the influx of workers into Indigenous communities as a result of extractive projects also led to increased incidents of sexual harassment and violence, including rape and assault.”

- James Anaya, former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Firelight Report

“Social and cultural effects of industrial camps are not effectively considered in the planning for economic development. Currently Indigenous communities, particularly women and children, are the most vulnerable and at risk of experiencing the negative effects of industrial camps, such as sexual assault.”


Mount Milligan Mine: University of Victoria + University of British Columbia.

According to police data, “the local community experienced a 48% increase in assaults with a weapon, 50% increase in aggravated assaults, 38% increase in sexual assaults, and 37% increase in missing people reports”, during the construction phase of the Mount Milligan mine.