Empowering Indigenous communities with renewable energy

Sacred Earth Solar empowers front line Indigenous communities with renewable energy.


Our Impact

We’re providing renewable energy to Indigenous communities across Canada.

And we’re just getting started.


Piitapan Solar Project

Built in the heart of Alberta’s Peace River oil sands. In 2015, Sacred Earth Solar (formerly Lubicon Solar) launched the Piitapan Solar Project, a 20.8kW renewable energy installation in Little Buffalo that powers the community health centre. The 80-panel solar project has created more green jobs and reduced the community’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Tiny House Warriors

Sacred Earth Solar is proud to work with the Tiny House Warriors in their fight against Trans Mountain Pipeline man camps. These work camps bring thousands of temporary workers to small communities, increasing violence against women, drug, and alcohol abuse to Indigenous communities.


Violence against the Earth = Violence against Women

Read more about the research that shows the correlation between Industrial extraction zones and an increase in violence against women.

Read the research >>



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Help bring more renewable energy to Indigenous communities.


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